Most online entrepreneurs spend sleepless nights pondering on how best to get high organic search rankings. And this is large because submitting websites to Google and Yahoo with the paid option isn’t as beneficial as organic submission. Unfortunately, DIY SEO content optimization can be a hard-to-do task, especially if you aren’t an experienced SEO expert. As a business owner, you need to hire SEO expert with ample experience and knowledge in the field.

But before we talk about how you can go about that, let’s examine the benefits of professional search engine optimization services.

Benefits of Using an 5-Star SEO Team

One of the biggest concerns for entrepreneurs is whether or not to outsource their SEO efforts to a third party. And although there may be control and financial concerns, outsourcing to an agency is a much more efficient option. 

Here are some of the benefits of working with an all-star SEO team:

It saves you time

Sometimes, business owners and managers don’t have the time to engage in time-intensive activities like SEO optimization. And since it is a continuous process that requires long-term commitment, using virtual assistant SEO services allows you to focus on the core business activities. An agency can take on the time-consuming tasks required for search optimization like:

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword density optimization
  • Content optimization
  • Meta-data optimization
  • SEO ranking monitoring
  • Campaign data analysis, adjustments, and reporting
  • Indexing problems and SEO performance monitoring
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It saves you money

Building a complete in-house SEO team entails a lot of moving parts and ongoing investment in terms of salaries, software, and equipment. One of the benefits of offshore search engine optimization is that you get access to a robust team of professionals and unmetered resources at a relatively lower cost compared to maintaining an in-house team. Whilst hiring an outside company means parting with a service fee, the role of SEO for business growth and its unmatched return on investment makes it hard to ignore. According to research conducted by Statista, SEO is one of the leading ROI driving marketing strategies, with 32% of marketing professionals indicating it offers the highest ROI. As such, the cost of outsourced dedicated SEO services means that any costs are offset by the revenue that SEO drives. Better yet, SEO allows your business to build brand recognition and cultivate customer loyalty, ultimately driving down costs associated with other marketing strategies like search PPC, commercials, paid ads, etc.

Take advantage of industry expertise

Agencies allow businesses to enjoy a collection of diverse experts, including SEO professionals, content writers, and web developers to handle all SEO-related situations. Still, all these professionals within the agency have an area of specialization, allowing them to deliver the very best results to your company. Still, hiring a remote SEO team lets you get deep insight from professionals with years of experience in SEO optimization. And with search engines like Bing and Google constantly rolling out dozens of new updates every year, a remote SEO specialist can help you keep on top of things and avoid losing out on important organic traffic. 

Better reporting and tracking

One of the primary challenges of DIY SEO strategies is the problem of breaking down the analytics. Navigating and breaking down your Google Analytics to establish the acquisition channels, conversion rates, acquisition channels, and other critical elements isn’t as easy as tying your shoes. Throw in keyword tracking rankings, bounce rate evaluation, landing page split testing, and more, and things can get out of hand real quick. And even if you’re able to figure out what the numbers mean, determining what to do with the numbers can be frustrating. An SEO marketing team for hire not only hands over the reports and analytics but also uses the data to create an actionable plan to rank your website.

Remote SEO Team vs In-House Team vs Freelancers

When it comes to hiring an SEO team, business owners have three primary options to choose from. They include hiring an SEO agency, a freelance SEO specialist, or an in-house team. And if you are wondering which hiring option is perfect for you, there’s no straight answer to that as every option has pros and cons.

And now, let’s break down the pros and cons of each option.

In-house SEO Team

Better control of your SEO strategy.The HR bill can be huge if you have a large in-house SEO team.

A small in-house team can be relatively affordable compared to outsourcing.
Building an in-house team can be time-consuming.
More control in terms of precise audience targeting.
Easier time measuring specific SEO objectives.
More flexibility when adjusting SEO strategies on the fly


Cheaper compared to outsourcing.Some SEO freelancers only limit their scope to consulting, meaning you can build your team to execute.
Typically take fewer clients compared to agencies, allowing them to dedicate more time for your project.Finding the right SEO freelancer needs a lot of trials and errors.
Unlike SEO agencies, freelancers let you have more control and flexibility.

Outsourced SEO Agency

Pros Cons 
If you want a bigger team, a remote SEO company is relatively more affordable.Less control over your project.
Outsourced SEO companies are more objective as they have no pre-existing prejudice towards your business.Finding the right SEO agency can be hard.
Outsourced SEO agencies have more knowledge of the prevailing SEO strategies and trends.
SEO agencies allow you to hire SEO manager, content producer, and link building team, so you’ll have every professional you need.

How Our Company Can You Help Build a Remote SEO Marketing Team

Our SEO outsourcing agency helps companies with a wide range of recruiting services such as SEO specialist for hire, marketing assistant remote hiring, and any other specialists involved in social media management activities. Our SEO services staff can help you in the following areas.

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Search Engine Optimization Consulting Services

Hire dedicated SEO expert with our agency and give your website the much-needed competitive edge. Over the years, we have been helping small and multinational companies grow on Google. Our team of SEO consultants knows what it takes to push your site to the top ranks, increase organic traffic, and grow your website conversions.

SEO Site Audit Services

Our SEO consultants will lift the veils and dig deep into your website looking for search engine optimization loopholes and areas that require refinement. Our technical SEO services audits cover everything including on-page optimizations, off-site optimization, content, backlinks, HTML markup, site structure, and so much more.

Keywords Strategy & Research

Outsourcing keyword research with our agency is also important as our experts will fish deep into the interwebs to find high-value keywords that are related to your products and services, as well as resonate with your audience. Our SEO manager remote consultants will also try to understand your business values and customers, and research and discover all the keywords that your competitors may have missed. 

Off-Page and On-Page Optimization Services

Our professionals have in-the-trenches experience in handling both Off-page SEO optimization and On-page SEO optimization.  In terms of off-domain optimization, they can help you with backlink building, social marketing, guest posting, and social marketing. On the on-page SEO front, our experts will help refresh website content, website SSL set up, mobile optimization, and so much more. 

SEO Content Analysis

The SEO content analysis is pegged on a very simple idea – Not every crawled page on your website ends up in the search engine’s index. As such, you need to evaluate both new and existing content to establish its organic performance and make the necessary amends. Luckily for you, you can get all that once you hire search engine optimizer with our agency. 

SEO Competitive Analysis

If SEO is important to you as a business owner, make no mistake that it is equally important to your competitors. Our SEO consultants will kick into detective mode to unearth what your competitors are doing in terms of SEO, what they aren’t doing, and how to take advantage of this loophole to gain an upper hand. We will also look into your competitor’s on-page optimization tactics, their target keywords, backlink strategy, and content strategy, and ultimately backward engineer what they’re doing and make improvements.

SEO Strategy and Optimization

Our SEO experts not only have experience in developing effective local search engine optimization strategies but also mapping out implementation strategies across different platforms. Part of our SEO consulting service entails working with you to adopt the best SEO implementation practices and developing guidelines that your in-house team can use for targeted website traffic generation.

SEO Analytics Reporting

Any successful SEO campaign must have a mechanism to assess the performance metric to ensure that your company adapts to new SEO trends and search algorithm updates. To help paint a clear picture of how your data affects your SEO outcome, our team will send you monthly search engine ranking reporting, as well as a detailed report of what we plan to do in the future. 

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How We Recruit and Hire SEO Experts for Our Clients

Our hiring process is professionally designed to ensure we attract the very best SEO experts. Better yet, we collaborate with our clients to ensure that the people we bring on board are not only aligned with the business hiring needs but also the business culture.

Below is the step-by-step guide of how our hiring process plays out:

  1. Hiring needs assessment. The very first step of our hiring process entails our specialized team jumping on a virtual conference call with our clients to determine their hiring needs.
  2. Resumes shortlisting. Next, our recruitment specialists will sieve through the candidate’s resumes using scientific methods to establish the most relevant candidates.
  3. Interviewing. After sieving through the resumes and shortlisting the most relevant ones using the candidate’s experience and skills, our recruiters will begin the interviews. We will also set up the second phase of the interviews with the client, whereby they will vet potential candidates via Skype or Zoom.
  4. Offering. Upon the client’s final approval, the job offer is given to the selected candidates and the job offer letter is signed. 
  5. Service level agreement. Upon accepting the job offer, a detailed contract highlighting the salary, benefits, terms, and other things is signed by the candidate.
  6. Onboarding. Lastly, the newly hired professionals are introduced to the existing team, as well as oriented on the company’s procedures.

Industries That Our SEO Professionals Serve In

Our SEO experts have been offering remote technical SEO support services to a wide spectrum of industries including;

  • Technology
  • Retail & eCommerce
  • Telecom
  • Finance
  • Service sector
  • And so much more

Why Choose Us as Your Trustworthy SEO Team Provider?

The SEO agency Ukraine market is flooded with hundreds of service providers, although not all are created equal. With that said, however, there are several reasons why companies choose our offshore SEO services. They include:

  • Experienced team of SEO technicians. Our SEO professionals are highly experienced and skilled in SEO support, and they’ve been working with the latest tools and technologies to help companies rank in Google searches and other search engines. Whether you need an individual consultant or an entire link building team, we have a professional for everything.
  • Multilingual support. If you are looking for an SEO service from Ukraine, our experts are well-versed in different languages, making it easier for them to communicate and offer search engine optimization marketing services in your preferred language.
  • Scalability. Our agency has the financial and human wherewithal to cater to businesses of all sizes. Whether you want to hire SEO consultant carte blanche or an entire team of SEO specialists, we have got you covered. Still, we can scale upwards or downwards depending on your business demands, allowing you to pay only for the services rendered.

Get in touch with us today and start building a dedicated SEO team!