Affordable Online Marketing Services

Our company specializes in providing a fully dedicated team of virtual marketer and experts for different types and sizes of companies in a wide range of industries across the globe. We are located in Kyiv, Ukraine, which is one of the most attractive destinations for hiring specialists and cross-functional marketing teams. We can hire remote marketing team for numerous marketing domains such as digital marketing, content marketing, traditional marketing, outbound marketing, inbound marketing, brand marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, and many others.

Our services can help numerous types of businesses such as eCommerce, retail sales, B2B sales, cloud services, marketing, digital products, healthcare, etc. The main focus of our services is on providing high-quality team of remote experts and marketers on demand at a very affordable cost. Our prices are highly competitive as compared to many of our competitors in the marketplace.

Our Main Remote Marketing Team Building Services

We deal in a wide range of recruiting services such as marketing manager for hire, marketing assistant remote hiring, and recruiting numerous types of specialists used to outsource social media management activities. We also provide service to hire a social media manager and many other roles to handle a wide range of functions and processes in the field of modern marketing as mentioned below:

Full Stack Marketer

Either building a cross-functional team or hiring full stack marketers is one of the most sought-for trends in offshore internet marketing service providers to reduce operational cost and improve competitiveness in the market. We focus on hiring full stack marketers that can deliver multiple services simultaneously such as SEO marketing services, lead generation services, content marketing, email marketing, blogger outreach services, and many others. Our recruiting professionals use numerous channels to source the most qualified, skilled, and experienced full stack marketers for our clients.

Lead Gen Specialist

Generating and managing different leads in different types of business models, especially in business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) models, is the responsibility of a lead gen specialist. Lead generation specialists use different sources and campaigns to explore new prospects to the company. To outsource lead generation process is a costly solution with lesser control over the process; so it is a good idea to build a remote dedicated team with us. The experts we hire can help our clients in improving their prospects significantly by utilizing their experience and skills in the field of lead generation.

SEO Experts, Link-Builders and Outreach Specialists

A remote SEO specialist is a person that deals with the search engine optimization activities of a website, mobile app, or a web application so that it appears in the top ranking of organic search results in any search engine. We hire dedicated SEO expert that helps improve the ranking of your websites significantly. Link-builder is a person that helps build backlinks by using white-hat techniques to improve the reliability and trust of the website links. We hire link builder experts who help our clients in achieving that goal. An outreach specialist plays a vital role in introducing the products, services, and company to the customers directly through different ways such as education, information sharing, addressing queries, and ways of benefiting from the services. We hire remote outreach specialist team to help our clients outreach a large prospective community. Our recruiting experts focus on hiring digital marketing (SEO, PPC, SMM) offshore teams for providing comprehensive marketing support to our clients.

SMM Managers

Social media marketing manager, precisely known as SMM manager, is a very important role in the modern marketing field, especially in the digital marketing domain. A social media manager makes the suitable marketing strategy based on the most effective content and oversees and manages the effectiveness of those marketing campaigns by analyzing the key factors related to the targeted segment of the market. The main factors that a SMM manager analyzes to streamline the social media marketing campaigns include customer interaction, industry trends, content engagement, and others. We hire an SMM manager as well as a PPC manager remote to enhance the desired results of digital marketing strategies and campaigns. 

Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketers design, manage, and monitor online affiliate marketing services for a company’s products and services. It establishes relationships between affiliates and vendors based on certain marketing incentives and plans. It monitors and manages the affiliate program whether it works well or needs some modifications to be done. We hire affiliate marketers for our valued clients to help them build, implement, monitor, and manage highly professional-level affiliate programs to enhance sales significantly.

Digital Marketers

A digital marketer is a person that uses different digital channels such as websites, social media, online ads, blogs, email marketing, and others to generate prospects and improve sales in the field of marketing. Ukraine digital marketing outsourcing has become a big uptrend for numerous marketing companies for improving the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and achieving the ROI much faster. We hire digital marketing expert for our clients to improve the efficiency and productivity of their marketing campaigns in all domains of industries. Our team focuses on recruiting digital marketers that have a proven track record of successful business outcomes.

Content Managers, Writers and Editors

A dedicated content marketing team may consist of a remote content manager, writers, video editors, photo editors, and others. The content manager is responsible for planning, creation, organizing, and monitoring of different types of content in text, audio, video, image, and other formats. The content writers and editors take the guidelines from the manager and create the suitable content for the marketing campaigns. We hire dedicated content writer, managers, and editors that are highly expert at delivering their responsibilities with perfect results. Other than content manager, our team also specializes in hiring email marketing manager remote and a dedicated marketing consultant to strengthen the content-based marketing campaigns.

Brand Managers

A brand manager handles all functions that are a part of brand management services such as developing brand strategy, analyzing market research, overseeing brand perception, product development and promotion, monitoring marketing communication channels, and others. Brand managers play a very vital role in making important marketing-related decisions such as whether to outsource email marketing or build a remote dedicated team and other similar types of decisions. The main goal of a brand manager is to build a brand, which is in line with the needs of the targeted market segment and develop a positive perception about the product across the niche. We hire a brand manager remotely for our clients to offer all those functions and services professionally. 

Product Managers

A product manager is one of the visionary types of roles that figures out the needs of customers in a targeted market segment, the future objectives of business, outlines the shape of product success, and galvanizes the entire team to convert virtual products into a reality. Hiring a product manager Ukraine offers you access to innovative thinking, proven experience, and effective strategies. We hire remote product marketing manager and product managers to help our clients convert their ideas into viable products that can lead to achieve the desired business objectives successfully. Our team ensures the product manager we hire possesses all skills, expertise, attitude, and experience to help our clients achieve the targeted business bottom lines.

Project Managers

The role of a project manager is very crucial in modern businesses to complete the projects within the specified timeline and budget without compromising on quality of work. Outsourcing project management services is also an option in the modern business world; but it is more beneficial to hire a remote project manager dedicatedly for your project to save cost and maintain better control and quality. Our professional company specializes in IT project management staffing and recruiting marketing support teams. We take care of numerous factors while hiring project managers such as prior experience, track-record, qualifications, portfolios, certifications, and many others so that our client gets the right person in this role.

Other than the above-mentioned roles, we hire numerous other specialists in the field of marketing. We hire internet marketer, product reviewers, technical writers, bloggers, guest posting services specialists, and others. We can also provide remote teams to outsource PPC and other marketing services with perfect quality and cost-efficiency. Our team has in-depth knowledge of modern technologies, trends, market-demand, tech-talent availability, and many factors that the marketing specialists should have to accomplish the desired tasks with great accuracy and effectiveness.

How Does Our Process to Hire Online Marketing Specialist Work?

Our process for hiring online marketing specialists work through a few professionally designed step-by-step activities performed by our expert team in coordination and collaboration with our valued clients as mentioned below:

1) Assessment of client requirements. In the first step, our specialized team collects the requirements from the clients for their HR department and analyzes for the suitable roles as a solution.

2) Sourcing of marketing talent. After the approval of a proposed solution from our clients, we search for the suitable talent by sourcing a wide range of channels such as social media, job portals, referrals, affiliates, and others.

3) Shortlisting resumes.In this step, our recruitment specialists shortlist the resumes based on certain criteria and conditions to find out the most relevant candidates for further proceedings.

4) Interviewing. After shortlisting the most relevant resumes in terms of experience, skills, and other factors, our team starts multiple rounds of interviews. The collaboration and coordination with the client are continuously maintained in this phase of recruitment.

5) Final approval. Our client gives final approval of candidates who have sailed through the phase of multiple interviews.

6) Offering. After receiving final approval, we offer jobs to the selected candidates through offer letters and also get the offer letters signed from the candidates for further proceedings.

7) Contracting. Once the candidate accepts the job offer, we get a detailed contract signed by the candidate that includes all details about salary, benefits, terms, and others.

8) Onboarding. After contracting, we introduce the newly hired professionals to the existing team of the company and procedures followed by the company.

Why Choose Us for Recruiting Remote Marketing Team?

We are a highly expert  and professional team to recruit remote marketing teams for our clients in all niches of marketing. The most important reasons for choosing us as your partner for building remote marketing team include:


We offer highly competitive rates, which are fixed and free from any kinds of additional or hidden charges. We save substantial money during the entire process for our clients.


Our team focuses on maintaining a high level of quality in both the hiring process and recruiting matching talent.  The marketing staff we recruit for our clients passes through numerous specialized criteria and tests so that the best talent is recruited for our clients.

Comprehensive Solutions

Our team specializes in all subdomains of the modern marketing field. Our experts provide you with comprehensive HR recruiting solutions with a holistic approach to build a dedicated and multi-discipline marketing team under one roof.

Large Talent Pool

Ukraine has one of the largest talent pools in the region. We explore the most suitable talent with matching skills, qualification, experience, and professionalism.

Ideal Location

We are located at the central geographical location where certain working hours overlap with working hours of our clients located across the globe, especially in Western Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, Middle-East, and others. It is also very easy to travel physically from any location from across the globe.

FAQs on Setting up a Remote Marketing Team

Q1: Through what channels do you find marketing managers?

We find marketing managers through following channels: social media, professional websites, job portals, referrals and others.

Q2: Where is your company located?

Our company is located in Kyiv, Ukraine, which is situated in Eastern Europe.

Q3: Can I build the whole marketing team with you?

Yes. You can build a whole marketing team with us. We specialize in recruiting marketing staff dealing in a wide range of niche marketing domains such as digital marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, search engine optimization marketing, video marketing, podcast marketing, etc.

Q4: Am I able to speak with my future marketing experts before hiring them?

Yes, you can. You can talk with your future marketing experts at any point of time before hiring them. Our step-by-step procedure of recruitment keeps our client in loop for all major processes such as interviews, offering, contracting, and onboarding.

Q5: How can I communicate with remote marketing specialists?

You can communicate with your remote marketing specialists through multiple ways such as collaboration and communication platforms, video and voice conferencing applications, instant message live chatting, telephone calls, etc.

Q6: Should I pay for days off and sick leaves?

No. You pay for the logged time that the marketing staff works.

Q7: What is so special about Ukrainian marketers?

Ukrainian marketers are very well known for numerous great reasons such as professional commitment, competitive rates, high quality of work, flexible working hours, solution-oriented and innovative thinking, customer-oriented attitude, tech-savvy population, high-class education, shared culture and language, and more.

If you are looking for a expert company to help you in remote recruitment, get in touch with us and set a dedicated marketing team in Ukraine at cost-effective rates!

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