Today, more and more companies are using social media to promote their goods and services. And although excessive use of social media can lead to addiction, any serious business should never overlook the potential these platforms offer. Statistics show that 71% of small and mid-sized companies use social media to market themselves, while 55% of online users indicate they use social media to look for information about a particular business. And since these platforms are available worldwide and to a diverse range of demographics, they give your company a global reach to potential customers, as well as elevate your brand reputation. Unfortunately, simply having social media presence is not enough. You need to have an actionable plan if you are to see any results. But the sheer amount of time and resources required to effectively manage a social media marketing strategy is immense. Not forgetting you need to have the knowledge to navigate the ever-evolving social media terrain. And that’s where a social media management team comes into play.

As the name suggests, these professionals are tasked with representing a company across all its social channels. They work with the marketing department to craft social media campaigns, respond to comments, and create content. The huge demand for SMM services, however, has led to a stinging shortage of social media managers, making it almost impossible for companies to fill these positions. But with the help of a social media manager recruitment agency, the skills gap is slowly being bridged. If you came here seeking answers on how to find a social media manager, you have come to the right place. 

In this article, we are going to look at how you can hire social media marketer, as well as the benefits of using social media manager remote teams.

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Benefits of a Remote Social Media Management Team

As a business owner or manager, there are several benefits of using outsourced social media management services. They include:

Reduced costs

Hiring a remote SMM manager instead of a full-time employee or team can lead to significant savings for your business. Along with reducing the amount of time needed to train new recruits, you also get to cut costs associated with having a full-time in-house team. And if you happen to be working with an agency, all their SMM are experienced, meaning they hit the ground running upon hire. 


Unlike the regular 9-to-5 in-house workers, social media marketers on demand offer better flexibility in terms of working hours. This is particularly important for multinational or global companies operating across different time zones, meaning customers can reach out at any time. But that is not the best part. You can scale the workforce upwards or downwards depending on your social media needs, meaning you only pay for what you get.

Access to global talent

Whilst having an in-house affiliate marketing team gives you greater control over your social media strategy, remote teams open doors to a global spectrum of different professionals and personalities. Better yet, you’ll have a much easier time looking for a remote social media manager as they’ll have been vetted in advance by the respective agency. And since everything is largely done over the internet, you get to save all the time and resources that would have been wasted traveling.

Easier to manage

Outsource social media management and you’ll have a relatively easier time, as the workers are managed and supervised by the agency. As long as there is clear, concise communication followed by highly efficient workflows, you shouldn’t have any major problems.

How Our Company Can Assist You in Searching and Hiring Remote SMM Managers

As a leading SMM talent sourcing agency in Ukraine, we have been helping companies all over the world to hire social media manager/s. Our recruitment team ensures that we bring top-level experts with wide social media management experience to help companies grow their social media, brand awareness, and business. Our clientele span both B2B and B2C companies across a wide range of industries, and our SMM services experts can help in the following areas.

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Facebook Management

Facebook is the leading organic social media platform among B2C marketers, and third for B2B marketers. As a business, you can leverage the platform to connect with potential customers and grow your brand awareness. Our Facebook management experts can help you in the following areas:

  • Setting strategic goals
  • Aligning your insights with the target audience
  • Optimizing your Facebook business page copy
  • Recommend information to include in your About pages
  • Incorporate calls-to-action on your Facebook Business Page
  • Help grow your following
  • Create a posting schedule
  • Post Facebook content like Facebook stories, photos, videos, and more
  • Engage other brands to help expand your Facebook reach
  • Respond to comments
  • And so much more

Twitter Management

Twitter boasts over 210 million daily active users, giving you the opportunity to reach, connect, and engage a global audience through your content. It also keeps your marketing agile as you can easily ride on breaking news, the latest industry conversations, and trending topics. Our Twitter management specialists can help you in the following:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Grow your followers
  • Monitor customer comments for complaints or compliments
  • Enhance customer engagement and loyalty
  • Implement new marketing ideas
  • Distribute content on Twitter in different formats
  • Identify trending topics and build content around them
  • Generate and nurture leads
  • Drive traffic to high-value assets and pages

Instagram Management

With 1.07 billion active users, Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms in the world, It is exactly where most of your actual and potential customers are spending their time. But since you may want to focus on your core business, our Instagram social media manager/ management team can help you with the following:

  • Preliminary Instagram business account setup
  • Community management
  • Crafting Instagram marketing strategy and goals
  • Instagram content curation
  • Ad management
  • Curated hashtag list
  • Monthly analytics report

LinkedIn Management

LinkedIn is one of the best lead generation social media platforms, as well as for connecting with businesses within the same industry. Our LinkedIn LinkedIn management team will help leverage your personal brand to grow your business and engage with your customers to generate interest in your products or services. Here’s what they can help with:

  • Refine your target market
  • Craft LinkedIn marketing campaigns
  • Copyright for your business profile
  • Engage with users and other brands on LinkedIn
  • Spearhead LinkedIn content campaigns
  • Create posting schedules
  • Monitor your audience and page growth
  • Monthly analytics reporting
  • Manage LinkedIn messages
  • And so much more

YouTube Management

Our youtube management team will also help you hone your voice to resonate and inspire your customers. In terms of actual deliverables, here’s what they can help with:

  • Preliminary YouTube channel creation
  • Video creation
  • Video SEO
  • Video description copywriting
  • Video syndication & distribution
  • Managing and running YouTube ads

Pinterest Management Services

Looking for a hands-off Pinterest marketing strategy? Our team of specialists will take this burden off your bucket list by managing your Pinterest accounts and creating a Pinterest plan so that you do what you love – running your business. Our Pinterest management services cover the following:

  • Pinterest content creation
  • Pinterest content management
  • Managing Pinterest ads
  • Reporting and Pinterest analytics
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Why Choose Our Company as SMM Marketing Services Provider?

There are many reasons why you should consider working with us. But in the interest of time, we are going to give you the top four:

  1. Calculated creativity. Most social media managers don’t understand the scientific process that goes into creating content that resonates with your customers and generates results.
  2. We don’t roll the dice with your money. Our social media managers create easy-to-find, data-led digital content that helps our clients grow and make money.
  3. The best and brightest creative social media managers. We continually invest in the latest and greatest digital marketing technology, letting our SMM specialists turn marketing insights into high-value content. We’ve spent years creating a robust pool of professionals and referral-based systems, making it easier for us to seek out the best and brightest creative minds in the SMM industry.
  4. Highly scalable services. From multinational corporations to family shops; Austria to Australia, we partner with companies of all shapes and sizes over the world. We believe that no project is too big or too small for us, which is why most clients keep coming back for our SMM consultancy services.

How We Set up a Social Media Management Team

Getting started with your outsourced social media management team is as simple as can be with us:

  1. Determine your hiring needs. We start by teaming up with you to determine your hiring needs, and the skills you are looking for. 
  2. Selection of social media managers. Next, our recruitment team will roll out the process of selecting potential candidates from our network of professionals. Once done, we will select the most qualified candidates and send their resumes to you for consideration.
  3. Screening. After you’ve selected the most fitting candidates, we will arrange for interviews via Skype or video conferencing. 
  4. Service level agreement signing. After choosing the right candidates, we will have a sit down to deliberate on a start date, the workflow, and sign the contract. 
  5. Induction. Finally, the newly hired candidate will be introduced to the rest of the team.

Get in touch with us today and build a dedicated social media management team in Ukraine!