Are you sure you use the optimized tech stack for your digital marketing solutions? Do you boast deep knowledge and professional skills about advanced technologies, trends, and data-driven approaches to marketing on the internet? And, finally, can you orchestrate all digital marketing efforts and devote several hours a day to make it all work? If your answer is no, then it’s time to hire digital marketing experts because, without a digital presence, your business doesn’t exist. And thousands of potential customers will never know about it. At this point, employing a couple of full-time specialists can be the first idea coming to your mind, but there’s option #2 –– outsourcing them.

set up a dedicated digital marketing team

Why Outsource Digital Marketing? 

Outsourcing lets you hire digital marketing consultant for remote cooperation. And though this format grows in popularity, many managers and business owners still consider whether to employ an in-house digital marketing department or switch to remote collaboration. Still, outsourcing has several advantages, and we think these are the main ones:

  • It’s easier

To assemble a corporate digital marketing department, you’ll need to engage recruiters. They’ll have to create a professional job description, place it on social media and popular job boards, and sometimes pay commission. Then your HR team will interview candidates and finally show you several CVs. After choosing the right people, your managers will need to prepare employment contracts, meet new employees with colleagues, tell about the schedules and corporate culture, keep records of working days and leaves, and sort out various administrative issues. When outsourcing a digital marketing team will require your involvement only at the beginning and end.

  • It’s more cost-efficient

You don’t have to rent office space, buy furniture and equipment, or pay utilities. And your team doesn’t have to wake up early, spend hours getting to and from the office, or go to nearby restaurants or cafes for lunch. So, it’s a true win-win economic solution for both parties. But we have something else to tell you. Since we’re based in Ukraine digital marketing outsourcing services we offer are budget-friendly. That’s because we leverage the access to the Ukrainian market of digital specialists whose salaries are lower than those of European and American specialists. So, with us, you can decrease your costs on a dedicated team by 20%. 

  • It offers an advanced approach to digital marketing

Probably the main advantage of outsourcing models is that you have the possibility to hire a top remote digital marketing strategist. And many of them just love what they do and constantly improve their skills, learn new technologies, explore recent tools, get inspiration for new ideas, and find motivation in listening to world industry leaders. On the one hand, these people are intuitive, creative, and sensitive to everything that becomes viral. On the other hand, they know what a data-driven approach is and never step away from it. If you want to equip your business with such teammates, ask outsourcing providers for help. 

Digital Marketing Services Our Teams Provide to You 

The digital world doesn’t sleep, and every dedicated digital marketing expert knows that. That’s why they tune all online marketing activities so that they work 24/7. That’s why a dedicated marketing assistant remote services are a treasure for any business. And here are some of these activities (or services) that your outsourced team can perform:

main outsourced digital marketing services
  • Writing articles, white papers, case studies, ebooks, how-to guides, lead magnets, website content, etc. Text is one of the most powerful content formats. And millions of users appreciate valuable information packed in blog posts, easy-to-navigate descriptive websites, ultimate guides for beginners, and others. But sounding like an expert and ability to structure information requires experience and particular skills. 
  • Running ad campaigns and preparing ad creatives for various platforms. To make several words on a banner look catchy, engaging, and converting isn’t an easy task even for the best writers and advertisers. That’s why your remote digital marketer has to be both creative and data-driven. For he/she should learn what ad campaigns of your competitors worked well and incorporate similar words, images, and approaches to reaching the audience. 
  • Planning, compiling, and publishing posts on corporate social media accounts. Every internet marketing specialist knows that consistency is one of the keys to success in social media. That’s why it’s essential to plan your time for generating ideas for future posts, making high-resolution images or videos, and writing appealing texts to support those ideas. So, content managers make a content plan where they schedule publications and stick to this plan. 
  • Researching ways to promote your company and improve brand awareness. When you outsource a brand marketing team, finding influencers and developing affiliate marketing networks get to professional hands. Our specialists join industry-related groups and actively communicate there on your behalf and follow the brand voice. Does your business sound intellectual, fun, or official? They know it.
  • Optimize content for search engines. Approaches to SEO optimization have gone far from simply incorporating keywords into your texts. And the principle “the more, the better” (keyword stuffing) will have the opposite effect on your search ranking as smart search algorithms consider it as spam or spamdexing. But our web marketing managers know how to research relevant longtail keywords and take your website to the first Google page.
  • Analyze key metrics. Tracking the performance of your digital marketing activity is vital for your business. And that’s one of the reasons to find digital marketing professionals –– to interpret the numbers behind costs per sales, conversion rates, ROI (Return On Investment), LCV (Lifetime Customer Value), and other digital marketing performance indicators. Do your actions generate leads and increase conversions? Has your brand become more popular? Hire Internet marketer to get the answer.

How We Differ from Other Digital Marketing Staffing Providers 

Many outsourcing providers offer digital marketing staffing for companies. But there’s something that makes us special –– and you’ll find it in the five points listed below.

reasons to outsource digital marketing to us

5 Reasons to Partner with Us 

  1. You benefit from decreased costs

We work with Ukraine-based digital marketers, and apart from their top expertise and impressive experience, there’s something else they can offer –– lower payrolls. Their monthly remuneration is lower than the average salary you pay when you hire full time digital marketer in Europe or the US. This way, you can save up to 20% of your budget or spend them on advanced automation tools for digital marketers. 

  1. You get a turnkey solution

You only provide requirements, and we find a digital marketing manager (or a team) that fits your working environment. Only several weeks after our first talk can you choose among top candidates, and since then have all your internet marketing tasks covered. We know that you’re busy growing your business and do our best to involve you only when it’s indispensable. However, you can always check for any updates in the recruiting process and make corrections. 

  1. You pay one fixed-fee invoice every month

Instead of several payments related to your digital marketing team, you only pay for our outsourced digital marketing services once. Office rents, utilities, payrolls, taxes, annual and sick leaves, and services are comfortably united in one pre-agreed amount. Such an approach will help you plan cash flows and expenses well in advance and keep records of all related costs in one place.  

  1. You focus on work-related tasks

With us, you’ll never worry about where to find experienced digital marketers because we take on all the issues related to recruiting, administration, and support of your digital marketing professionals. This approach leaves you focused on professional tasks throughout our cooperation. Whether someone on your staff needs to take annual leave or asks for a couple of days off, we formalize all the documents and make payouts while you agree on the workload.  

  1. You get guarantees in case of force majeure

We appreciate our customers’ trust and are proud to be a reliable digital marketing consultancy service provider. And one of the reasons for that is our guarantees. Our recruiters do their best to find business-focused professionals with good hard and soft skills and working experience in similar corporate environments. And this approach lets us guarantee that new team members will stay with you for a long-time. And if our digital marketers decide to quit for personal reasons or, for example, won’t meet your requirements, we’ll replace them for free –– during the first 30 days.

How We Outsource Digital Marketing Experts 

Each stage of our cooperation needs to be clear to you; that’s why we decided to describe the process of delivering offshore digital marketing services.

  1. After you click the button below and fill in the contact form, our managers call you (usually, this happens within a couple of hours). We’ll find out all the requirements to your digital marketing team and draft the ideal candidate profile during this conversation. Once you approve this document, we initiate a search.
  2. We do the pre-screening and offer your potential digital marketing manager remote interviews with recruiters and digital marketing professionals. It usually takes us 2-4 weeks to show you the first candidates’ resumes. And our recruiting managers will leave some notes and brief recommendations to help you make a decision.
  3. When you are ready to hire dedicated digital marketers, we send them job offers. Once accepted, our HR team starts the onboarding and issues an invoice. For the whole term of our cooperation, you won’t bother about any administrative matter, as we’ll take care of them. And you will have the benefit of focusing on digital marketing issues. 

Level Up Your Project with a Dedicated Digital Marketing Team 

As a business owner of a new company, you probably have to juggle several tasks, including digital marketing. And this doesn’t help your brand awareness and conversions grow. The good point is that it’s a perfect time to learn how to and outsource your digital marketing for a small business and level up all digital efforts. What will you get? You’ll build your online reputation, manage your online presence, make your company visible to more people and improve their customer experience.

Social media accounts where you posted 2-3 weeks ago, unanswered questions in comments or direct messages, poor website design with unstructured information that loads forever are dangerous for your business. With a professional approach to internet marketing, your website will be optimized for mobile devices, and potential customers will easily find a contact form, book a demo, or buy your product. Also, they’ll be able to get instant answers on social media and learn useful tips from your blog, growing their trust in your expertise and becoming loyal members of your community. That’s what a team of several digital marketers can do.

Contact us to build a dedicated digital marketing team and increase your ROI!