Over the years, marketers have been using guest posts to acquire backlinks and boost brand authority, all with the primary goal of bolstering Google rankings. However, the recent changes in Google algorithms have compelled marketers to shift focus from mass-producing random guest blogs and posting them on low-quality sites to publishing high-quality guest posts on websites that generate higher user engagement.

This begs the question: how effective is guest posting in leveling up your project success? Still, with opposing views around guest posting and the ever-evolving content marketing field, is it viable to hire a remote marketing team?

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How Effective Is Guest Post Link Building as an SEO Strategy?

In 2014, Matt Cutts, who was then the head of webspam at Google declared guest blogging dead. His announcement was met with a lot of skepticism from different quotas, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many SEOs agree that guest blogging is still a highly effective SEO strategy. The only catch? Ensuring that the relevance and quality of the guest post will always outweigh quantity.

With that in mind, let’s now take a look at the benefits of guest blogging: 

One of the biggest benefits of guest post blogging is that it helps you establish your authority and expertise within your industry. High-quality blog posts that are brimming with value for the readers are a good reflection on the site owner, as they indicate you know what you are doing. Still, such content generates interest with the readers, ultimately turning them into potential customers. 

Another benefit of guest posting is that it helps connect your business with a new audience, something which would have been impossible had they not interacted with the posts. If your content is thoroughly researched, chances of resonating with the audience are high, making them regular site visitors. 

Lastly, guest blogging greatly augments your SEO strategy. Most sites allow authors to insert at least one backlink in the guest post redirecting to their personal site, which is key in diversifying your backlink profile and improving your site rankings. Still, when Google algorithms start detecting your name and off-page signals in various high-authority websites around the internet, they start paying more attention to you and your site. 

Remote Marketing Outreach Team VS In-House Employees VS Freelancers 

When it comes to building a guest blogging lead generation team, you can choose to invest in a freelancer, in-house employees, or an agency. Depending on what your business needs are, all these options can properly serve their purpose, although they do have their own set of pros and cons respectively. So, let’s break them into their distinct pros and cons. 

In-House SEO Outreach Services

This traditional hiring method entails hiring and housing a marketing and outreach coordinator or an entire outreach team on the company’s premises. Basically, an in-house team works under the direct supervision of the employer’s company management, and they share and own the company’s mission, goals, and vision, 

Pros Cons 
More reliable and easy to manage your project.The HR bill can be huge if you have a large in-house outreach team.
An in-house hiring model means you can interact with the SEO outreach manager face-to-face.Building an in-house team can be time-consuming.
A small in-house team can be relatively affordable compared to outsourcing.
Easier time measuring specific outreach objectives.


A freelance team is composed of outreach professionals that are hired individually for a certain. Typically, they’re located in different geographical locations, have diverse cultures, and work from their respective homes.

Cheaper compared to outsourcing.Some outreach freelancers only deal with consulting, letting you build your team to execute.
Typically take fewer clients compared to agencies, allowing them to dedicate more time for your project.Finding the right freelancers entails a lot of trials and errors.
Unlike SEO agencies, hiring a freelance outreach marketing specialist gives you more control and flexibility.Ideal for short-term projects.

Dedicated Outreach Team

Here, a company hires a third-party outreach agency to take care of all or part of its outreach tasks. The individual team members are experts in their respective fields, and the agency provides the infrastructure to work on and takes care of their salaries.

Pros Cons 
A remote outreach agency makes more economic sense when building a large team.Less control over your project.
Unlike in-house workers that may have pre-existing prejudice towards your business, outsourced outreach companies work purely based on hiring needs.Finding the right SEO agency can be hard.
Outsourced outreach agencies have more knowledge of the prevailing SEO strategies and trends.

Why You Should Consider Building a Remote Outreach Team in Ukraine?

Although the hiring model you choose is dependent on your company’s hiring needs, marketing, and available in-house skills, outsourcing is the new trend for businesses looking to hire a single SEO outreach specialist or an entire outreach team. With that said, however, Ukraine has for years been one of the leading outsourcing destinations for SEO outreach professionals.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider outsourcing guest posting services from Ukraine:

  • Expertise and knowledge. The SEO outreach outsourcing market is exploding with talent, meaning all agencies are constantly aiming to deliver the best service possible. Hire outreach managers in Ukraine and you rest assured that they’ve been on top of things in terms of technological advancements, system updates, and algorithm changes within the space. 
  • Strong work ethic. Today, Ukraine hosts over 110 global R&D centers, meaning that the country’s workforce is on a similar wavelength with companies in leading countries like the US and Europe. Along with that, Ukrainian SEO outreach experts have an unmatched commitment to excellence and work ethic, meaning you get the results you can get from any other leading outsourcing destination.
  • Multilingual workforce. About 85% of professionals in Ukraine can speak English proficiently, plus the country has one of the most educated populations in the world.
  • Lower costs. Unlike many European countries, Ukraine has relatively lower wages, which allows companies outsourcing from the country to save in terms of salary costs.   

How Our Agency Can Help Build a Dedicated Outreach Team

Our Ukrainian-based agency has been providing outreach link building services to companies around the world, helping them achieve digital excellence by finding the right talent. Our team comprises multiple SEO outreach specialists and verified publishers, which allows us to provide an easy, safe, and scalable way to acquire links. As part of our blogger outreach services, we also help businesses conduct site audits to help establish what aspects need a revamp and suggest possible solutions.

seo outreach specialist services

Here are some of the areas that our outreach specialists can help:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Strategic blog topic selection
  • Keywords search
  • Publishing relevant content
  • Contextual anchor text
  • Boost SERP ranks
  • Unique content
  • Links acquisition

How We Hire Outreach Managers 

We believe that our competitive advantage lies in the quality of our outreach professionals. As we continue to grow, we are committed to ensuring that we hire customer-centric and innovative people. In line with this, our hiring process factors in customer feedback to ensure we offer individuals with the right talent fit.

Below is a step-by-step guide of our recruitment process:

  1. Determining your hiring needs. The first step in our hiring process entails meeting with you offline/virtually to establish your hiring needs, company values, and business culture. 
  2. Developing a compelling employee value proposition. After determining your hiring needs and the skills needed, we will craft a catchy advert that attracts both passive and active guest posting expert/s.
  3. Shortlisting resumes. Next in line is the resume shortlisting process, which entails combing through different resumes to determine the most appropriate marketing outreach specialist. 
  4. Screening. Next is the interviewing process, where every outreach marketer is taken through role-specific questions to ensure their skills fit the job requirements and your business culture. After this initial interview, we will set up Skype and Zoom interviews for you to interview all the outreach local SEO candidates.  
  5. Hiring. Upon finding the right candidates, they’ll be required to sign an offer letter.
  6. Contract signing. Once the candidate accepts the job offer, they will be called to sign a detailed contract highlighting all the terms and perks of the job offer.
  7. Onboarding. After all the paperwork is done, the newly-hired outreach expert or team will be introduced to the existing team and start working immediately.

Why Us?

  • Industry expertise. Our team has been in the SEO outreach game for years, and you rest assured that once you hire outreach manager with us you are dealing with the very best.
  • Real websites. Specialists we hire for our clients partner with hundreds of real publishers and SEO influencers to accommodate all our clients irrespective of their niche or industry.
  • Reliable and lasting results. We ensure that your guest posts are published on high-quality sites, ultimately generating new customers over time.

Get in touch with us and build a dedicated outreach team in Ukraine!