Content is everywhere: engaging blog posts, whitepapers, ebooks, catchy YouTube videos, fun Instagram reels, viral GIFs and memes, popular music and podcasts, films and images, infographics and comics –– these are all content. And it helps generate and convert leads, create your brand’s image and stand out among hundreds of similar businesses. 

build a remote content marketing team

Upgrading Your Project with Content Marketing Services

Do you plan to launch an ad campaign or email outreach, run podcasts, or release educational videos? Do you want to promote a new service or product on social media or join the affiliate marketing niche? Then your project needs a professional touch of a digital marketing content specialist. However, if you need to fulfill multiple tasks and each of them requires a sophisticated approach, you’d better hire a digital content management team. But before that, you should estimate how many specialists you need –– to optimize your expenses. To help you do this, we share which specialists can work in a content team.

The primary workforce that directly relates to content generation is content creators. These are writers, designers, video operators, photographers, artists, etc. It would be great to have an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist and an SMM (Social Media Manager). The first will optimize all the texts for the Google Search engine, while the second will cover all your social media presence activities. You’ll also need at least one editor to check texts and make them compliant with the corporate tone of voice.

A content manager is usually the top position in a digital marketing team. This person coordinates the workflow, comes up with ideas for new publications, sets assignments, monitors deadlines, and prioritizes tasks. This person has to possess good leading and management skills and ideally be a former content creator. So, your content team should comprise 3-6 people, and this leads you to the next point: cost of services, which can be significant if you hire full-time employees. But we have another option to consider –– content marketing outsourcing. 

Remote vs In-House Content Marketing Team

Many established companies have in-house content marketing departments, which gives managers a feeling of better control. On the other hand, keeping a corporate content team requires investments, and if your company can’t boast huge revenues, you’re probably looking for some alternatives. And an outsourcing model is one of them, so let’s compare the two options right now.

CriteriaIn-House Content Marketing DepartmentRemote Content Management Team 
Recruiters’ involvementHiring several people is quite a time-consuming task for your recruiters. They’ll have to do a lot of research before creating a professional and engaging job description. Moreover, these employees will have to get used to each other before cooperating as a team.When you outsource content creation and marketing teams, it takes several weeks for experienced outsourcing providers to find people who’ll perfectly match their positions and roles in a team. That’s because top recruiters also consider the personal characteristics of each candidate.
Payroll costs An internal department of Europe or US-based content marketers can require significant payroll expenditures as paying good specialists for doing their jobs full-time isn’t cheap. This option can work for large organizations that don’t actively look for ways to save. Outsourced content marketers from Ukraine boast advanced skills and expertise, but their remuneration is much lower than the average salary in America or the European Union. So, this option looks more cost-efficient.
Access to top specialistsIn most cases, companies give recruiters an average budget to hire content marketer, so they’re limited in their wish to employ superb specialists. The content management outsourcing model gives you access to the pool of talents in specific industries. So, you can equip your business with first-class content creators for the same cost.

This brief comparison shows that outsourcing dedicated specialists can help you enhance your business with more experienced professionals in shorter terms –– and without overpayment. 

Your Reliable Provider of Content Marketing Consultants

We keep all our processes transparent while delivering top outsourcing services to you. Our recruiters know how to find a content marketer you need in a short time and stay flexible to any special requirements. We deal with confidential information and keep all the data private and secured. And, finally, we respect your commitments and always meet deadlines. That’s why we’re proud to call our company your reliable outsourcing provider. 

Content Marketing Services That Our Outsourced Staff Offers

To give you a better idea of how we can help you with content creation, promotion, and management, we’ve listed the main services that outsourced professionals can provide:

main content marketing services
  • Working out a content strategy

A successful content strategy is a decent way to generate more leads, convert them into clients, and grow customer retention. It also helps to tell more people about your brand and increase the credibility of your business. So, our specialists will help you generate catchy ideas, develop a content marketing plan, schedule posts and video releases, and improve your users’ experience. 

  • Content development (or content creation)

Thinking of new ideas, researching trending topics and keywords, writing and publishing posts, filming videos, making ad creatives, and collaborating with influencers are challenging because you have to keep the overall content strategy in mind. But with a remote online content marketer, you’ve got all of these activities professionally covered. 

  • Content optimization

Creating content is only a part of the challenge; the next step is to make it visible to your target audience. And one of the ways is to convince search engines that your content is relevant, valuable, and engaging for users. There when our SEO content marketing services are here to help you. 

  • Content promotion

Another way to reach your readers or watchers is through natural or paid promotion channels. And content and commerce digital marketer will easily coordinate various approaches like influencer marketing, Google and Facebook Ads, email outreach, newsletters, SEO optimization, etc. However, every content promotion strategy should be developed in line with prioritized goals: raise brand awareness, grow traffic, increase conversions, or re-engage existing customers. 

  • Content analysis and reporting

Defining key benchmarks that will help track the results of your content marketing efforts is essential. Because trying to embrace and analyze all relevant metrics is a waste of time and effort. But choosing performance indicators that will reflect your business progress is a task for a sophisticated content marketing strategist. 

Types of Content That a Remote Content Marketing Manager Can Help You With

Content is often associated with the text, and that’s because it is the dominant format for reaching your audience. However, B2C and B2B content marketing services are more diverse than blog posts. And here’s what content gurus can help you with:

  • Blog posts/ guest posts/ articles
  • eBooks
  • Analytical reports
  • White papers
  • Client profiles
  • Case studies
  • Website/ landing page content 
  • Email outreach
  • Newsletters
  • Ad creatives
  • Social Media Posts
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Guides/ Instructions
  • Resumes
  • Webinars

So, once content management services are in demand in your company (don’t confuse it with IBM’s Content Management On Demand software), you know where to go!

Your Content Management Outsourcing Provider: Why We?

We’re proud to deliver good service and are happy to help new companies equip their businesses with top-level content teams. And these are only some of the benefits you get when choosing us as your provider of dedicated content teams:

why choose us for content management outsourcing
  • You’ll optimize your payroll budget for content marketing specialists. Since payrolls of Ukraine-based experts are lower than those in Europe and the USA, you’ll be able to cut costs up to 20% for your content marketing professionals. Also, you’ll benefit from cost-efficiency in tax payments since tax rates in Ukraine are also lower.
  • You’ll leverage the access to European-based content talents with a great experience. We specialize in the Ukrainian market of experienced content specialists. That’s why with us you can choose among multiple specialists who have worked in various industries and for famous brands. Our professionals boast top hard and soft skills with a focus on your business goals.
  • You’ll pay a fixed fee once a month. Forget about monthly calculations of salaries, related taxes, annual and sick leaves. With us, you’ll receive one invoice with an agreed service fee that we break down into categories, so you’ll have a clear understanding of what you pay for. This option will help you control and trace all expenses related to content creation.
  • You’ll focus on work-related issues only. Our partnership model assumes that we resolve all administrative matters related to specialists we hire. We take care of onboarding your new teammates and their retention during the whole term of our cooperation. This approach helps you stay focused on work and not get distracted from reaching businesses goals. 
  • You’ll get guarantees in case of force majeure. We do the thorough pre-screening of every candidate to estimate if they fit your requirements and corporate culture. But in case your content specialist unexpectedly quits, lacks skills, or fails to follow inner rules, we can replace him/her at no additional cost to you. However, this offer can be exercised within the first 30 days.

How You Can Hire a Remote Content Marketer

We like to stay transparent in everything we do. That’s why we’d love to share how our cooperation will look like and probably have some of your questions answered. Here’s how we deliver content management services:

  1. You fill in our contact form below. Within a couple of hours, you’ll receive a call from our Sales Managers, and they’ll ask you to share more details about the content team you want to assemble and requirements for each candidate. We put all the data in one form and send it for your confirmation. Once we agree on the budget and terms, we initiate the search.
  2. Within 2-4 weeks, you’ll see the list of several candidates for the position of the virtual content manager. Our recruiting managers will add some important notes and recommendations that will help you decide which CV looks more appealing. We usually allow more time to assemble dedicated teams; however, you can always get an update and check at what stage of the recruiting project we are.
  3. Once you’re happy with one or several candidates and are ready to hire content manager, we prepare job offers and send them (upon your approval). We draft contracts and collect all necessary documents as soon as offers are accepted. Our HR team does the onboarding and manages all administrative issues, so you can start working without any distractions. 
  4. We issue an invoice that includes expenses on payroll and taxes, office premises (if required), equipment, software, recruiting, and onboarding fees. The last ones are charged only once –– for every remote content marketer. If you don’t have the required expertise to interview candidates for top positions, we have a solution –– offering our marketing assistant remote access to your video call. 

Contact us to build your  dedicated content marketing team and grow your brand awareness!