The idea behind affiliate marketing –– selling through a broker for commission –– isn’t new. But promoting your products and services on the internet with the help of affiliates (also called partners) is pretty young. It was born together with the digital era, and the popularity of the CPA (Cost Per Action) marketing model only grows. Due to low CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) and effectiveness, many businesses turn to this decent selling channel and enhance their sales and marketing departments with affiliate program teams.

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The Role of an Affiliate Program Team Manager 

Affiliate marketing isn’t easy because there are many activities you have to cover. First, you need to find proper platforms to place your ad: relevant websites, blogs, applications, social media accounts, etc. Then you’ll have to contact publishers –– website owners (also called webmasters), influencers, and bloggers and communicate terms of cooperation: % of commission, payment frequency, and targeted metrics. 

And after that, you’ll have to keep in touch with all partners, look for new ones, network, and constantly update the collaboration conditions. Moreover, monitoring the results of all activities requires an advanced tracking platform, continuous control over budgets, and the provision of data-driven performance reports to business owners. So, running all these activities at a high level is a task for a professional affiliate marketing team coordinated by an affiliate program manager –– and we’re here to help you find affiliate marketers. 

In-House vs. Outsourced Affiliate Program Management  

As soon as you decide to equip your business with an affiliate marketing manager, you have to decide whether to employ an in-house specialist or outsource a digital marketer. That’s why we have prepared a list of pros and cons to help you compare the two options. 

CriteriaEmploying an In-House Affiliate Manager (AM Model)Hiring an Outsourced Program Manager (OPM Model)
Involvement of recruitersIt will require time and effort from your HR team. You’ll have to engage your recruiters to create and publish vacancies in job portals, conduct interviews, and do the onboarding. It will take 2-4 weeks, and you won’t have to worry about searching, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding your affiliate marketing manager. 
Admin and payroll costsYou’ll have to invest in furniture and equipment, regularly pay administrative expenses for office premises, calculate and pay salaries and taxes.You’ll have to pay a fixed fee every month. This amount will already include payroll and taxes, administrative, and retention fees. Among one-time fees are recruiting and onboarding ones.
Investment in the tracking toolYou’ll need to buy and incorporate an affiliate program performance tracking tool. It’s possible to develop your own (but this option is expensive and time-consuming) or customize a SaaS solution.An outsourced expert will probably already use a reliable tracking platform that covers essential controlling features, responsive customer service, and supports integrations with payment systems. 
Effective teamworkEmploying professional AM doesn’t guarantee quick and top results as this manager will have to work with a new team and require some time to orchestrate its efforts.The OPM model lets you leverage years of experience in the industry, skills, expertise, and the professional contact network of your manager.

So, you see that outsourcing seems a more cost-efficient way to hire affiliate marketing expert. And these professionals can help you generate leads for your company and start your own affiliate marketing business.

How Outsourcing Affiliate Marketing Team Can Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Business 

The affiliate marketing industry is developing quickly, and more and more bloggers, influencers, and companies want to earn the “passive” income it offers. So why not hire affiliate manager and build your own business? With a dedicated specialist, you can accept offers with high payout right away and deliver a higher ROI. With a top professional, you’ll be able to define minimal advertising budgets and get access to the most profitable offers from various industries. And, as your business grows, you’ll be able to attract additional remote experts and manage affiliate programs more efficiently. Making first steps into affiliate marketing on your own is much riskier than with experienced marketers.

Your Dedicated Affiliate Marketing Services Provider 

In addition to providing quality outsourcing services and keeping the process transparent to you, we cherish relationships with our clients. This means that we’re flexible and ready to adapt to specific requirements and offer you only beneficial solutions. For example, we can consider limited budgets or find affiliate marketers urgently. And since we work with sensitive information at both ends (candidates and hiring companies), data privacy and security are among our core values. We also care for our reputation and always meet deadlines so that you can rely on us. Below you’ll find more information about our hiring process and benefits, but first, let’s see what services outsourced affiliate marketing experts generally provide.

Services That Affiliate Marketing Consultant Offers

We’re happy to hire experts who will help you professionally advertise products and services on the internet. And here are the main services you get when you hire online marketing specialist

affiliate marketer for hire roles
  • Finding publishers, influencers, and platforms to place your ads and ensuring proper communication with them. 
  • Working out new ad affiliate programs and updating the terms of current ones. Choosing the most relevant sales channel and advertising affiliate network. 
  • Researching and prioritizing deals to deliver lower CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), CPL (Cost Per Lead), and higher EPC (Earnings Per Click) and ROI (Return On Investment). 
  • Affiliate programs hunting, taking part in relevant conferences, PR events, and negotiating contract terms with publishers.
  • Sales tracking and reporting: generating data-driven reports with analysis of basic metrics and KPIs and creating the strategy per set business goals. 
  • Managing and monitoring all documents related to affiliate marketing programs, including preparation of offers, contracts, invoices, statements of work, etc.
  • Sales pitch creation together with the content marketing team, designers, and sales representatives. 

In addition, all professionals that we hire boast exceptional communicating and networking skills, experience in the most popular affiliate marketing industries, and knowledge of financial planning and analysis. So, your business will be equipped with the best digital marketer affiliate program team. 

How We Hire Affiliate Marketers 

We tend to provide you with top-notch affiliate recruitment services, and here’s how we do it:

  1. After you fill in the contact form on our website, one of our sales managers will call you to find out all the details about the job position and your planned budget. As a result of this communication, we send you a job description with your ideal candidate’s hard and soft skills and experience. As soon as you confirm the final version, we will sign the contract and start searching. 
  2. Within the first two weeks, we can let you see the preliminary results and make corrections where necessary. We allow 2-4 weeks to prepare the list of candidates –– usually, it comprises 3-5 CVs for one position. If you want to offer a senior affiliate manager remote based job in a team, this process may require more time.
  3. When you choose the candidate, we prepare and send him/her a job offer after your final approval. If you don’t have time or resources for conducting interviews, we can do that on your behalf and arrange test tasks where applicable. We can cover all recruitment stages and present you the candidate’s CV with a brief description, notes, and comments to help you make the right decision. 
  4. After your future team member accepts the offer, we contact him/her, and our HR team starts the onboarding. From that moment, we become the key contact for all administrative and remuneration issues for both you and your affiliate manager. At the same time, you get all the control over his/her professional activity. This way, your dedicated offshore affiliate marketing manager feels like a valuable team member and doesn’t experience significant cross-cultural differences when cooperating with American or European companies.  

Why Choose Us 

So, why is our company the right choice when you’re trying to find an affiliate marketer for hire? Here are our key benefits:

  • You save on payrolls. Since we focus our search on top Ukraine-based candidates, you leverage the affordable cost of hiring affiliate marketing experts. Though Ukraine is located in the middle of Europe, the average remuneration here is significantly lower than in other European countries. Moreover, payroll taxes here are also lower, which offers additional cost-effectiveness to businesses. In general, you can save from 5% to 20% of your monthly budget on the workforce. 
  • You pay a fixed fee. You won’t have to load your accountants with regular salary calculations and payments. There’s no need to worry about submitting additional tax reports, transferring rental amounts, or classifying multiple administrative expenses in your financial reports. Instead, we send you one fixed-fee invoice every month, which covers all these expenditures. You’ll get a clear breakdown of costs but won’t have to pay for services not agreed beforehand.
  • You get guarantees. One of our principles is to find an affiliate manager for long-term cooperation. That’s why our recruiting team tries to investigate as many characteristics of a candidate as possible. Pre-screening questions and thorough research allow us to choose affiliate marketers to fit your corporate culture and meet your requirements. That’s how we minimize chances that your future team member will demonstrate a lack of skills, unexpectedly want to quit, neglect the agreed schedules, or show little motivation. But once this happens within the first 30 days, we’ll replace him/her and do this at no cost for you. 

Contact us to build your dedicated affiliate marketing team and start growing revenues!