Link building is one of the most critical elements of SEO, as it not only helps your business long-term organic search success but also augment your marketing plan. With that said, however, building relevant links capable of generating results requires hours of research, strategic planning, and precise implementation. As a business owner, successfully managing all these moving parts can be a nightmare, especially if you have zero white hat link building experience. And that’s where a link building agency comes in.

Unfortunately, outsourcing natural link building services has always been associated with all manner of terrible things, despite most of those perpetuating this perception having never tried it. In reality, however, outsourcing a link building team can be a powerful hiring model for businesses looking to capture new leads, scale, or expand their capabilities.

In this article, we are going to look at how you can build an effective link building team, the skills they need to have, and where to find a link builder.

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Benefits of Outsourced Link Building Services

Assuming you partner with a trustworthy vendor, outsourcing your link building comes with several benefits. But in the interest of time, we are going to look at the most powerful ones. And they include:

  • Convenience. One of the most prominent benefits of hiring an external link building consultant or agency is that you don’t need to hire an in-house team to do the work. As such, you are able to concentrate and focus your energy and resources on your core business, ultimately improving your client relationships and brand outlook.
  • Expertise. Many agencies spend years building their businesses and mastering the art of white hat link building. Naturally, this means that they’re better at navigating this murky terrain compared to freelancers. As such, their links end up being of superior quality, leading to better results.
  • Accountability. External manual link building service also means that you can always have someone to hold accountable if something ever goes wrong with your campaign. They will troubleshoot the mistakes made previously, take corrective action, and even suggest a new link building strategy. If need be, they can even offer to do the work at no additional costs.
  • Affordability. Although most business owners and managers are always reluctant to spend hundreds of dollars on an external link builder services provider, the reality is, outsourcing is far less expensive in the long run compared to having an in-house team. Not forgetting to mention that a cash-strapped in-house team can end up offering inferior quality work.

Building a Link Building Team: the Most Effective Engagement Model

Although you can hire an in-house or freelance professional link builder, outsourcing is by far the most superior model. Whilst some will argue that will lead to reduced control over your project, the benefits highlighted above speak for themselves. Still, outsourcing isn’t necessarily viable for everyone, and much so, not at all times.

Below, we have prepared a few bullet points to keep in mind in determining when outsourcing may be the ideal option for you:

  • Outsource if you don’t have the time or resources to handle link-building in-house
  • Outsource if you don’t have limited skills within your in-house team 
  • Outsource if you absolutely need to expand your link building efforts
  • Outsource if you have tried various DIY link building methods in the past and failed 

On the flip side, you should avoid outsourcing if you don’t have enough resources or haven’t found a good company. 

Skills and Qualifications to Look for in a Google Campaign Link Builder/ Agency

Whether you’ve decided to outsource link building, hire full-time employees, or even partner with freelancers, it all boils down to the skills and qualifications of the individuals. Below are some of the skills you should look for before you can hire link building expert/s.

  • Time management skills. One of the biggest complaints from entrepreneurs looking for link building for local SEO is link builders that simply don’t have the time to source quality links. And since link building is a time-consuming, ongoing affair, it’s important to know that the person you are hiring has the time and energy to effectively manage your campaign. 
  • Organizational skills. On top of being time-intensive, link building is also data-intensive as a lot of research and tracking needs to be conducted. As a client, this information will come in handy in giving you measurable metrics of your entire campaign, as well as curating all your new links. As such, if your link builder is a run-by-the-fly person, it will be hard to establish how your campaign is performing. 
  • Good communication and grammar skills. A good link builder should have excellent communication skills. They should be able to communicate clearly and persuasively via social media, email, and blog comments.
  • Creative and resourceful. When reaching out to other website owners on your behalf, the last thing you want is for the virtual marketer to send the boring and generic email link requests. After all, why would you want to hire and pay someone for something you can do? Good link builders are able to think outside the box, as well as personalize every email to suit individual link prospects.
  • Honesty and integrity. There are several ways to get links, some of which could be detrimental to your website. For this reason, you want to ensure that you hire link builder that does everything honestly and with integrity. 
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How Our Company Can Help You Build a Dedicated Link Building Team?

Based in Ukraine, our agency has been helping businesses to source qualified link building professionals. Our experts are professionals in all areas touching link building and they can help in the following areas;

Contextual Link Building Services

Contextual links are links that are surrounded by text within a body of content, and they have a higher SEO value compared to links that appear in the sidebar or footer. Our link builders will help you get authoritative links that Google will respect and improve your search rankings.

Crowdfunding Link Building

Crowdfunding link building entails partnering with people or companies raising funds through small donations, in exchange for getting your link inserted within the campaign. Our experts will help your company take advantage of this huge link building opportunity that most SEO agencies neglect.

Profile Link Building

Profile link building is yet another important but largely overlooked avenue that can help generate organic traffic for a website. Basically, it entails signing up and creating a public profile in a popular profile link building site with the aim of dropping a link in that profile. Our outreach team will help create an optimized profile and insert a funnel link juice to your site.

Why Hire Link Building Expert With Us?

There are many reasons why you should consider working with us for all your link building hiring needs including:

  • Experienced link builders. Our team is composed of experienced link builders experts who have been in the industry for many years, meaning you’ll be working with the very best. 
  • Superior quality. Our processes are calibrated with your hiring needs. 
  • Better flexibility. All our services are tailored to meet your hiring needs, and they can be scaled upwards or downwards to ensure you pay for what you need.
  • True predictability. We strictly adhere to our client’s deadline so you can rest easy knowing that your project will be delivered on time.
  • In-depth monthly reports. Unlike most SEO agencies that simply send clients a spreadsheet with the successful monthly links, we send an in-depth monthly report outlining achieved links, impact on traffic, rankings, and leads.

How We Hire Our SEO Link Builders 

To ensure you get the very best Google link builder or a link building team, we are one of the few agencies that engage clients throughout the entire hiring process. Here is a quick breakdown of our hiring process:

  1. Hiring needs briefing. We start by meeting offline/virtually with our clients to understand their hiring needs and the ideal candidate avatar. At this point, we will also try to understand your company’s values and business culture. 
  2. Creating a compelling employee value proposition. Once we’ve clarified your hiring needs, we will draft a catchy advert to ensure we attract the most skilled candidates.
  3. Shortlisting resumes. Next, our recruitment teams will go through the different resumes to determine the most appropriate candidate. 
  4. Screening. Using our huge repository of candidates, active search, and a robust referral-based system, we will start interviewing candidates using role-specific questions to ensure job requirements, personality, and cultural fit. We will also set up Skype and Zoom interviews for the client.  
  5. Hiring. Upon finding an SEO link builder that fits your job requirements and organization culture, an offer letter will be signed and we will congratulate you on the hire.
  6. Service level agreement. Once the candidate accepts the job offer, a detailed contract will be signed highlighting the salary, terms, benefits, and other things.
  7. Onboarding. Once you’re satisfied, the process of introducing the newly-hired candidate to the existing team will begin.

Reach out today, and let’s talk about how we can help you build a dedicated link building team!